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WE GET IT. We Understand you.

You’re running a business.  You’re amazing at what you do.  You are just steps away from being the next supreme success in your city, in your region, in your industry, even a global power.

Success comes with sacrifice and discipline.  Even giving it everything you have sometimes isn’t enough. You need help.  You need expertise.  You need a partner who can turn your wildest dreams into firm, sustainable reality.

Lucky you, because we love hearing all about your wildest dreams…

our vision

Our credo is simple: 

inter prospera – Latin for Mutual Success.

At Red Star Consulting, we are unapologetically passionate about helping our clients succeed – both in business and in life.  Our organization does not exist without our clients, our future built one success at a time.

Through seamless, direct partnership with your business, we deliver the experience, depth, and expertise of the ‘Big 3’ and ‘Big 5’ consulting firms. Rather than pushing pre-packaged products, we work to construct custom fit solutions built specifically to drive your organization to the next levels in fulfillment of your wildest dreams.

featured SERVICES

Red Star Consulting, LLC provides full end-to-end Consulting & Delivery Services, customizable to fit the needs of any business of any size.  We pride ourselves on delivering the right service, at the right time, in a manner that drives success for your organization – both for today and for the future.  Whether you need one, some, or all of our services, we encourage you to review our offerings and choose those that best fit the needs of your organization.

Project Management

With over twenty years of experience scoping, leading, and delivering projects across a myriad of industries, we stand prepared to help you deliver your most critical initiatives - on time and on budget.

Information Technology

With the technological landscape changing at a velocity never before seen, trust our organization to assist you in identifying the right solutions to meet both your short-term and long-term needs.

Process Improvement

Just because the process worked well yesterday doesn't mean it is the right one to help you achieve success. Our Six Sigma and Lean specialty skillsets will help you create a fully optimized organization.

Management Consulting

A keen eye for the inner workings of an orgnanization can make the difference between good and outstanding. Our experience for aligning organizations for successs is second to none.


  • Feel like now is the best time to take steps towards fulfilling your wildest dreams?  
  • Feel like your business could use some outside perspective to find ways to improve?  
  • Interested in our offerings but not sure how to proceed?

Nothing would make us happier than for you to reach out and let us know you are interested.  This is no commitment, no hassle, no email marketing lists.  Just genuine interaction to help both you and Red Star Consulting determine if this is the right fit!

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